Tamás Verdes

He graduated at Corvinus University of Budapest with a Master's degree in Management and Leadership, on Human Resource and Organizational Development specialization. He is currently a student at the Doctoral School of Management and Business Administration, where his PhD research focuses on the role of mindfulness in organizations and leadership. He believes that valuable knowledge is not a product that can be sold or transmitted, it is a result of co-creation with clients. That is why, in his role as a trainer and consultant, he strives to create opportunities for collaborative, experiential learning. He believes, that besides trust and genuine connection, this is the key to learning, the true pledge of development.


  • Organization development
  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Personal development – autogenic training
  • Mindfulness

Past Projects

  • EUSA (European School of Administration)
  • Executive well-being and mindful leadership research
  • HPS Group

Good to Know

  • He loves sports, one of his hobbies is Krav Maga, a self-defence system.

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