Pieter Rop

Pieters ambition is to get people to their full potential. A lot of people use only 50% of their talent in their jobs. This is unsatisfying for themselves, but also for the organizational results. Once a manager of a big city asked him: “Why do all my employees only use their talents outside our organization?” Pieters answer was: “How is your management team dealing with this situation?” He believes that leadership with an open eye for talents is the key for a modern governmental organization. Therefore, he always starts with the management team to develop the leadership, so they can lead the development. In the programs he facilitates, he is always focused on personal learning, team learning and workplace learning. Reflection on your own behavior, thoughts and emotions is the basis of every improvement process. To practice what he preaches, he takes time to reflect about himself every day. For him, a day without learning is a day without living!


  • Leadership development
  • Learning organization
  • Team development
  • Dealing with conflicts in management teams / boards
  • Coaching to unleash talent (coach license, DISC-license)

Past Projects

  • Municipality of Leerdam
  • Ardagh Metal Packaging
  • EON, plant Rotterdam
  • Hospital ZGT
  • Zuidwester

Good To Know

  • Loves mountain biking in the forest of the National Park Utrechtse Heuvelrug
  • Every summer & winter he spends in the mountains with his wife and 3 kids
  • Organizing member of a literature- and a philosophy club
  • Wake him up for a good conversation about spirituality

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