Pertti Helminen

What happens in organizations when people interact and what develops from the interaction has fascinated Pertti all through his life. Pertti graduated from the Helsinki University of Science after studies in wood processing in international economics. He worked in the forest products industry in various roles – HR management amongst other things – before he started to do leadership development training full-time. Pertti could be called an engineer gone soft: His interest has moved from machine efficiencies to people’s interactions. But his internal engineer always takes care that the results are achieved. Helping clients to develop leadership in their organization is an ample source of learning to Pertti. His passion is to develop his own and clients’ understanding and skills. Every client case teaches him something new. Pertti also invests a lot of time in reading, networking, studying and co-creating new processes with Innotiimi-ICG leadership development professionals.


  • System and skill-based leadership development
  • Change management
  • Leadership team development
  • Participatory leadership
  • Coaching

Past Projects

  • Arkea
  • Boliden
  • Botnia Mill Service
  • Cloetta
  • Pirkanmaan ELY-keskus
  • Sandvik
  • Tampereen kaupunki
  • TUT/Edutech

Good to Know

  • Outdoors: fishing, hunting and manual forest work are close to his heart.
  • Spends autumn weekends in the forest with his hunting buddy: a Norwegian Elkhound named Remu.
  • He reads a lot and listens to historical podcasts.
  • Tried to learn how to play golf for some time … the attempts continue.

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