Juha Kontiainen

The driving force for Juha is to help people to grow as a leader and develop their own professional skills. Juha is passionate about truly helping customers and enjoys it greatly when the enthusiasm of participants is palpable in his training sessions. His expertise is based on engineering and marketing studies as well as on his vast experience in international leadership positions in industrial companies. Once a customer said about Juha: ”Good results and the fact that we don’t always need to explain the situation from scratch, is the reason we’ve been working together for so many years now – co-operation is easy”. This crystallizes his style of work and commitment to long-term relationships with customers. Besides being a consultant and trainer, Juha is also a developer of new approaches and methods for customers. He was a key person in the development of the Processive Leadership Approach and was co-author of the book "Esimiehen mielityö – 10 työkalua johtamiseen".


  • Participative leadership and interaction skills  
  • Safety at work – changing the culture from “to obey” to “care of others” 
  • Team development 
  • Management team development 
  • Process management 

Passed Projects

  • Valmet Energy, Tampere service center 
  • AEL 
  • Nokian Raskaat renkaat,  
  • Metso Flow control 
  • EPEC Oy 
  • Metsä Group 
  • Ruukki Construction 
  • Uponor Finland Oy

Good to know

  • Juha’s hobby is taking photos outdoors, in a studio and at sports events

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