Gerhard Knor

A private encounter with Peter F. Drucker in November 1990 was the initial spark for Gerhard Knor's involvement in the health and social sector. A clear view of the management's tasks and the great value of a well-functioning health and social system were and are for him the engine to acquire a deep understanding of this sector and to help shape its further development. Gerhard Knor's activities are based on five levels: vision and strategy, professionalism in a multi-professional context, innovation and change competence, the reduction of complexity, and the power of culture and values. Working with people and organizations often releases unexpected resources. In addition to the health and social sector, Gerhard Knor also places an important focus on teaching, public administration and education.


  • Innovation and Change Management
  • Strategic and operational management and control of organizations
  • Culture and value management in organizations
  • Support during merger processes
  • Development of business concepts
  • Health systems and their further development

Past Projects

  • Amt der Salzburger Landesregierung
  • Wiener Gesundheitsfonds
  • Luzerner Kantonsspital
  • Josef Krankenhaus / Vinzenz Gruppe
  • Hanusch Krankenhaus
  • … and many more

Good to Know

  •  In his leisure time, he likes to be in the open air: from beach volleyball to ski touring and (mountain) hiking.
  • Enthusiasm for travel, cultures and people
  • Retreats and sources of power: family and silence

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